5 tips and tricks for cooking duck confit at home


Over the years, duck meat has made its way to various cuisines around the world. You can go to fine dining restaurants in American, Europe, Asia or any other part of the world and find duck dishes on their menus.

One of the most popular dishes is duck legs also known as duck confit. This variation comes from French cuisine and the recipe has been around for decades.

– Things to know about duck confit

Many people love the taste of crispy duck confit and the brownish color of the surface of the legs make them fall in love with dish even more. The success of this recipe depends on the tenderness of the meat. Also you can prepare the dish using the fat of the duck. There is no need for adding extra grease, as the fatty bird will do the deed. You shouldn’t rush the confit just leave them to cook on slow fire till you get perfectly tender legs. You can cook the confit on the stove or in an oven. You will enjoy them with your preferred vegetables. There are many ways to cook duck confit, as you can add spices and sauces to get different tastes every time you go for it.

-Tips for a successful duck confit at home

You will enjoy preparing this recipe at home as long as you don’t end up with dry or burnt meat. To avoid such catastrophe, you should:

  1. Let the veggies soften in the grease

Fat is the secret behind the deliciousness of this meal. So if you are cooking any sides with the dish, you should let them indulge in the fat.You should use rendered grease with your chosen vegetables till they are slightly soft. After that you should let them join the legs

  1. Use a pre heated oven

It is wise to preheat you oven before you put your confit. Your oven’s temperature should reach 180 degrees. It is also useful to turn the oven fan on.

  1. Use a toothpick for pricking the surface

Pricking the outside of the confit will allow the spices to reach the inside of the duck. This steps also facilitates reaching crispy skin.

  1. Massage the legs

It is essential to rub the duck with a mix of salt and black pepper.It is essential for improving the taste.

  1. Don’t rush serving

After cooking don’t just serve the legs already. Give a few minutes to rest. This step will make the meat extra moist.


You can make the most of duck confit if you give it a chance to cook well. Just let the meat thrive in its fat alongside with roasted veggies. Don’t forget to add minced garlic to the equation.