Asbestos: All you Need to Know


We now know just how harmful and toxic asbestos really is, and in Australia, any building that was constructed prior to 1990 could have asbestos, and if you are planning to renovate your home, you should contact an approved asbestos removal company. If you are unsure whether or not asbestos is present, you can call in an asbestos removal firm that can test for the presence of asbestos.

How is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos is a naturally found substance that comes in six varieties, and when broken up, the sheets that were made using asbestos split, sending tiny slivers of the material airborne, and if inhaled, these tiny slivers can cling to the wall of the lungs. It might take a few years before any signs of a respiratory disease, which could be in the form of lung cancer or asbestosis, and sadly, many have died of respiratory disease that was caused by exposure to asbestos. Fortunately, we have some special asbestos removal contractors in Perth who are trained in the safe removal of asbestos.

The Industrial Revolution

At the start of the 20th century, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, and because asbestos was easy to get and was fire resistant, the material was used extensively, especially in construction. Mines appeared in Russia, England and Canada as the demand for this harmful substance grew. There were many asbestos factories that produced sheets of compressed asbestos mixed with cement and these were extensively used to build shelters, and at the end of WWII, asbestos was one of the most popular materials for building.

The 1970s

This was the era when the developed world realised the harm that asbestos causes and in the space of a few years, most developed countries banned the use of asbestos. In Australia, any building that was constructed before 1980 could contain asbestos, so if your property is old and you wish to carry out some renovation, you should contact an asbestos removals company and they can test for the presence of this dangerous material.

Respiratory Disease

Exposure to asbestos can cause serious respiratory disease, including lung cancer and asbestosis, and if you were to tear down a partition wall that was made with asbestos, there is a very real risk that you will inhale some small slivers of the fibre. These could remain in your lungs for many years before the issues begin to surface, and by then a lot of damage has occurred, so it really isn’t worth taking the risk of exposing yourself and your family to asbestos.

All it takes to make contact with an asbestos removal company is an online search.