BBQs 2U – Fire Up Your Grill Game with Kamado Joe Big Joe


BBQs 2U was established in 2002, with family values at the core. Fueled by a passion for helping people master the grill, the family launched this business to address the challenges of choosing the right appliances and accessories.

BBQs 2U showroom is an authorized dealer of brands, including Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Gozney, Ooni, and more. You will even find accessories that can increase your barbequing experience.

The showroom owners specialize in Kamado Joe grills and boast knowledgeable staff. They will confidently answer your questions and guide you to the perfect Big Joe fit.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe BBQs are winners of outdoor cooking with which you can grill like a champion. Big Joe is a cooking powerhouse that sears, smokes, roasts and bakes with supreme versatility and precision. Let’s dive into the core features that will compel you to add Big Joe to your kitchen:

Spacious Grilling Surface

The Big Joe has a massive 450 sq. in. cooking surface, enough to grill a feast for the whole crew. You’ve got space for everything from burgers and brats to ribs and roasts.

Besides, the three-tier Divide & Conquer system lets you create multiple cooking zones at different temperatures. You can simultaneously grill steaks at high heat and smoke salmon low and slow.

Heat Control

You can take control of your cooking with unparalleled temperature control. The Big Joe’s thick ceramic shell retains heat like a champ, ranging from 180°F to 750°F with ease.

Whether you’re searing fajitas or smoking brisket, you will always achieve restaurant-quality results.

Besides, the Kontrol Tower top vent and advanced draft door will give you ultimate precision. It lets you fine-tune the airflow for perfect smoke and heat distribution.

Sensational Flavors

The Big Joe’s ceramic construction infuses food with an irresistible smoky flavour that charcoal grills just cannot match. Besides, the hyperbolic design creates a cyclonic airflow that ensures even cooking and locks in moisture, leaving your food juicy and delicious.

Built to Last

The Big Joe is crafted from heavy-duty, heat-resistant ceramic. The thick walls ensure even heat distribution and superior heat retention, while the durable hardware is built to withstand years of your grilling explorations. It is an investment that will reward you with delicious meals for years.

Other inspiring features

Kamado Joe has packed the Big Joe with innovative features to make your grilling life easier and more enjoyable.

The Air Lift Hinge makes opening and closing the heavy lid a breeze, while the integrated ash drawer simplifies cleanup. Besides, many accessories are available, from pizza ovens to griddles that let you explore endless cooking possibilities.

On BBQs 2U, you can check the varieties of Big Joe Pack, ranging from Elements to Discovery to Voyager. Each pack has a different add-on designed to up your grilling game.

For example, the Kamado Joe Big Joe III Element pack includes the KJ Big Block Charcoal, KJ Cover, and KJ Fire Starters. On the other hand, the Voyager is a comprehensive pack including everything integrated with Explorer + Adevnturer + Quest packs.

The KJBig Joe BBQ is not just a grill but an experience!