Busting Some Common Myths about Movers and Packers


Choosing to seek the help of packers and movers is the smarter move for all regardless of how near or far to move. It is easier to streamline the process with their expertise and save a lot of time and effort. But people are mostly skeptical about choosing them instead of doing it themselves. The main reason behind this is that there are wrong conceptions about their work and efficiency. Let’s just clear a few of them.

 – Doing it yourself saves money:

No, it is not true for all. Yes, there are cases where self-moving saves money but when it is a larger house or family, the magnitude is higher and it would only be sensible to seek assistance.  At least getting delivery assistance would be a welcome step. Their experience, man force, and efficiency would save more time which is, in a way, equivalent to saving money. There are plenty of movers and packers in Toronto who offer both packing and delivery.

 – Movers can transport everything:

Contradictory to this common notion, not all movers and packers that are available in the Toronto area move everything. Most of the movers and packers in the Toronto area are residential movers and some are commercial movers and some are office movers. Even with the residential movers, there are differences.  For example, not everyone would be moving a grand piano or a hockey table, etc. Some companies also provide temporary or long term storage facilities to make moving less stressful and easier. Research thoroughly and check with the movers if they would move all the items that you need to.

– All movers are the same:

It is just an extension of the previous point. Even if the movers do not move everything, they are not the same. The services offered by each of the Toronto movers and packers would be different.

Movers in Toronto may or may not help with packing, it depends on their services. Some movers simply provide the packing material but do not physically help with his process while others might help with the entire packing process from start to end.

Some movers provide packing, delivering, and unpacking services. The charges differ with the services opting for.

 – Insurance is default:

This is the greatest myth of all. Not all moving companies provide insurance for the items that are being moved. In fact, there are only a handful of moving companies that really offer insurance against any damage to the goods or missing goods. This is one factor that needs a thorough check and needs to be sure about before finalizing the moving company. The catch here is that most of them offer a low price for the items. Also, ensure whether the company provides full coverage or replacement for the damaged goods.

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