Coliving: An Alternative Solution To Traditional Rental And Collocation


Coliving comes from the English “co” (together) and “living.” Coliving, therefore, means: “Living together.”

Around the concept, the coliving space is a shared living space that allows you to create moments of socialization both in the personal and professional spheres — an effective way to break the loneliness and to make multicultural meetings.

Unlike rental or roommate, you will find many included services at our website such as WiFi, cleaning service, secure parking, subscription to Netflix, fiber, sauna, self-service electric scooters or table ping pong, etc.

If you start a new job, do you want to stick an ultra tied lease on your back? Then coliving is for you.

Coliving skillfully combines the best of shared accommodation, student residences, and traditional rental. Between flexibility, services, and community, coliving is a flexible and affordable solution that allows you to live in a cozy place, with a minimum of constraints for a maximum of a good atmosphere.

Coliving For Senior: A New Way Of Living Together

Coliving is not just a flexible, low-cost housing solution for young people. It’s a new way of life that allows us to live together.

Young seniors are more concerned than ever with coliving. For some, the children left the family home; for others, they were already living alone.

The 55-65 age group represents 20.9% of people living alone, and this trend aims to increase with the massive arrival of retired baby boomers.

Sometimes chosen, sometimes undergone, solo life can easily be converted to the benefit of a life of sharing within a community of colors, where constraints are rare.

Coliving for seniors, therefore, has a bright future ahead, and it will not be surprising to see the emergence in the coming years of coliving structures specially adapted to seniors.