Few Ways to Avoid Mistakes during Flooring Installation


For any homeowner, installing hardwood flooring is quite a daunting task. Nobody ever likes to take the challenge of installing a hardwood floor in a DIY way. You can have a really beautiful hardwood floor by carefully planning the installation work with the help of an experienced craftsman.

In this small write-up, we shall mention a few mistakes that can always happen during wooden floor board installation that you must always avoid.

1.        Tiling directly on the concrete

During the tile installation, concrete can presents a lot more issues than perhaps you can think. When concrete gets cracked through shrinkage or due to shifting of sub-layers underneath, such cracks can always create stress.

2.        Insufficient sub-floors below the natural stone

If your sub-floor is composed of regular ¾” plywood and then you can install the stone directly, then the chances of getting cracked are more. You must have a second plywood layer to be glued and screwed.

3.        Cheating curing time

According to experts, tile sealants, grout, and caulk require a sufficient amount of curing time, which needs to be followed. By not following they can create many issues later.

4.        Starting the wood floor from the wrong place

If you start from somewhere that is easier to finish can always put you into trouble when you reach a difficult place, where there will be little flexibility with very few options. Rather you should start from a difficult place.

5.        Cutting around your door

Near the transition between different rooms and doors may pose specific challenges in any wood-flooring installation. Rather than trimming near the end of your door jamb, often cutting around it may leave visible gaps that must be covered with caulk.

6.        Failing to glue

It is necessary to glue on all sides because the floor will be sanded there will be a lot of chattering and the floor will jump a lot. There will be plenty of movement in the last few rows.

7.        Failing to prepare the laminate layout

Do not try to rush while taking measurements and plan it properly. For any kind of board flooring, many people choose the longest wall then start laying flooring. That wall may be a little out of alignment from the rest of your house.

8.        Trimming out floating floors only with baseboard

All types of floating floors will need a sufficient gap at the walls for taking care of various expansion and contraction during various climates. Your trimming may not sufficiently cover your flooring edge.

9.        For carpet wrong tack strip installation

Improper installation of your pad and strip transition can often result in your tacks protruding through your carpet or a more chance that your carpet edge may come loose.

10.      Failing to start as per pattern

In addition to properly fitting your flooring to the entire room, the pattern also needs to look oriented properly within your room. If you fail to see the pattern then it can offer a very unnatural appearance.

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