Helping to ease your sense of loss with selecting the right funeral home


Grief at the loss of a loved one and the period of bereavement can be a traumatic experience. Shock and numbness, overwhelming sadness, tiredness and exhaustion, anger and guilt are all associated emotions. Some on the other hand find it easier to celebrate someone’s life. We are all different.

An often-repeated phrase relating to the ensuing funeral are “We will give him/her a good send off”. It is the wishes of the bereaved to make sure that the last journey of those lost will be done with pride and dignity. There is a plethora of choice of Funeral Homes in Sydney who can offer their services.

Services offered by Funeral Houses and Directors

  • Transporting the body from the place of death to the funeral home mortuary by specialised vehicle.
  • Storing the body in the mortuary of the funeral home. The tastefully adorned room will allow the grieving to call and say a personal goodbye.
  • The body of the deceased will be washed and dressed in clothing provided by the funeral home.
  • If the body is to be repatriated or will be laid to rest in crypts or vaults it will receive the required embalming.
  • The attention of dedicated, empathetic, and expert staff who will offer you advice through years of experience.
  • The funeral service can be arranged or be liaising with the clergy who will conduct the service.
  • Floral tributes can be provided along with the facility to allow friends and family to leave their flowers or donations at the funeral home.
  • A wide range of coffins is available right through from metal caskets to cardboard coffins.
  • Vehicles, transport the coffin by hearse to the funeral service while appropriate cars carry the chief mourners.
  • Appropriately dressed experience pallbearers can be made available to carry the coffin into the service.
  • A choice of memorial books can be provided at the funeral service for mourners to write down their personal eulogies.
  • Purchasing rights of interment can be arranged with a range of cemeteries. If the deceased is to be cremated, the service can be arranged with the chosen chapel.
  • A wide range of cremation urns is available. Speak to the staff at the funeral home who will be able to guide you towards your requirements.

Your peace of mind following the loss of a loved one can be eased by speaking to a funeral home who will take away many worries and help you in your grieving process.