How to make Maths Interesting for students?


There are around 3 out of 10 students who find Maths, not an easy subject. It is because sometimes we as teachers fail to make them understand the logic. Mathematics is a subject which requires logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Students should know the power of learning this subject and why we need to practice the questions based on different concepts and formulas. They should come up with questions like why they have to learn about algebraic equations? What is the use of knowing the value of pi ? How are the facts of trigonometry useful for us in real life? It is then, they will find the subject as an exciting subject. Now let us see how to make this subject more interesting for them.

Connect the Concepts with Reality

Discover where the students will utilise each math topic you teach in class such as it may be used in their science class or some engineering subjects. It’s great when you can use actual examples from other subjects and let the students know, that’s where they have to make use of each concept. Help students make a connection between the math theories and the “real world”.

Add More Creativity in Your Teaching

Teachers can add their creative skills while teaching Maths to the students by making use of Maths model. They can use a working model in class to explain the concepts of geometrical shapes such as circles, horizontal line, vertical lines, squares, rectangle, etc. Also use real objects such as crystal prism, a football, Rubik’s cube, etc. to explain 3D geometry.

Engage your Students

Teachers must keep their students engaged in the class. Ask them to role-play the concept in their way. Do a revision activity, especially one that supports them to memorise the vocabulary and symbols. Get their views and judgments about the topic. Also, try getting feedback from them about your teaching. They should feel free to speak if you are going too fast or too slow, and if there are any mistakes done while solving problems. In this way, it will help them to build their self-confidence also.