YouTube becoming one of the biggest video-sharing platforms really deserves its spot. It has been serving more than its main purpose to the people. It did not just serve as a medium to express oneself but rather connecting people across the globe. With the help of the internet, people can now spread any information they have which could either provide details about the current events or history, to give entertainment thru music, gaming, culinary, etc., to share their talents and skills in order to be noticed globally, to educate people with some tutorials or explanation video, and many more.

However, despite all these advantages YouTube can give to its users, it also has its own downside just like any other thing. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of both the positive and negative effects it can give in order for us to make sure that everything’s fine and that nothing bad will happen as we and our family browse YouTube.

Positive sides of YouTube

Being one of the biggest video-sharing platforms in the world, YouTube has been providing people comforts and convenience other than just serving its main purpose. It allows people to:

  • Be informed with the latest news and updates across the globe. Most TV networks already have their YouTube accounts in order to give people a more wide choice in which they can watch news anytime and anywhere at their convenience.
  • Be able to understand topics more simpler or easier. It has been a great help for students who are having a hard time with their lessons since there are people who are giving free lessons in YouTube which can be more informative but in layman’s term.
  • Have a source of living. Because of the success of YouTube, a lot of businesses are opening up their investments not only to YouTube itself but as well as to YouTube’s content creators. Networks are supporting each YouTuber who can maintain at least hundred thousand views or subscribers. Thus, most YouTubers would make sure they can provide unique content and some would even buy views on YouTube in order to not just attract viewers but as well as sponsors.

Negative sides of YouTube

Although YouTube can be beneficial to anyone, fact can’t be denied that it also has negative effects to some people. These cons are:

  • It can be ground for misinformation. Since anyone can upload their videos, not everything would really mean to be legit. There are some videos that provide hoaxes in which you might get baited or scammed.
  • It makes people spend more time online that being in the real world. Most people would now prefer staying indoors and watch videos on YouTube rather than socializing with real people.
  • It kills the efficiency of its users. Because of the entertainment and fun, you can get, YouTube affects people’s behavior towards their work. Many workers could become less attentive of the time or would procrastinate just to spend more time on YouTube. Students might even forget finishing their assignments because they got distracted with some videos online.

All these negative effects can however be prevented if only you would just be more cautious and keener.