Royalty-Free Music and Everything You Need to Know


Video marketing has become an integral part of any business. If you are creative, you understand how choosing the ideal soundtrack can make a difference in how an audience perceives your content.

You don’t want your listeners or clients listening to your content halfway. But do it from start to finish so that they can get the message you’re trying to pass across. Royalty-free music is something you don’t want to ignore at all costs.

So many people get into trouble for the music they choose. They do not understand copyrights and that all the videos they have worked hard to create can get pulled for copyright infringement. As much as it does not sound as bad, copyright laws are a big issue. They can cost you time, money, other resources and stress you out. And that is why you need to consider royalty-free music.

But first, what is royalty-free music?

With royalty-free music, it means that as a creator, you can buy a license, pay once, and never have to pay additional fees to use music for your creations. It is crucial to note that for public performances, royalties are still owed to the composer every time their song gets played on TV, radio, and other media. Yet, you do not pay for these royalties as they should get paid by the music broadcasters.

Depending on the royalty music site, you can download top-quality tracks, get a curated playlist that meets your needs, access unlimited downloads, and use the search tab to filter out your favorite music. The choice is yours!

Paying royalty-free music

There are so many misconceptions surrounding royalty-free music. Some of these include: the music is free to use, you can only access a specific style of music, and the music is of low quality.

The truth is, the music is royalty-free, meaning that you will not be paying royalties to the composer by using their song. Also, royalty-free music sites offer you top-quality tracks, and you can use the search feature to find the perfect music for your project.

That said, you will need to sign up for a royalty free music subscription. You can then browse through your preferred music and enjoy unlimited downloads. And use it in all your creations as long as you have an active subscription. Note that in case you cancel your subscription, your previous content will still get covered.

You can use the songs on your YouTube videos, multiple projects, cover clients who hire you for their projects, but you cannot add lyrics to a song.

Final thoughts

Music can make a significant difference in your presentation or content altogether. It leaves viewers with a great impression of your brand and boosts their mood when listening to your content. When finding a royalty-free music site, there are caveats to watch out for so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Always do thorough research as you embark on this journey.