Singapore Artist Showcase: Art Jamming


The Art Jamming Singapore process often starts with an open idea, and then could evolve through several stages including sketching, brainstorming, planning and finally creating the Artwork for others to see.

Participants are encouraged to make a mess; if they feel like it is not going well enough or want to experiment with different materials/tools that can be found at home (think beer cans), Art Jammers should have no qualms about doing so!

There will also be plenty of time allotted for discussions while making artworks – this allows participants to share their ideas freely during these jams which can help in the development of Art Jam compositions.

Few Points To Keep In Mind:

Do not take more than one hour on individual projects – it’s supposed to happen quickly and spontaneously, after all, the person who starts an idea gets control over what happens next up until someone else interrupts them

Art Jamming sessions should be open to everyone with any level of experience as long as they’re willing to have fun and experiment in the process!

In Art Jams, there are no rules set beforehand. There is also no need for a ‘defined’ goal or what exactly needs to happen during an Art Jam session whatsoever – it’s all about creative exploration on both the part of the artist and those who would like to participate by watching them!

Art Jams are about the creative process of getting an idea for a project, and then executing it in front of whoever’s interested. This could be anyone – friends, family members who might want to learn more about art, or people just passing by on the street!

It is up to the artist how they choose to share their work with others – whether that may be through speaking, drawing instructions for those observing them from afar, or simply inviting observers to interact directly with what they’re creating!