Swimming Pool Compliance in NSW: A Checklist


If you are a homeowner in NSW and are planning to build a pool on your property, the pool must meet state safety requirements, and if a pool fails to meet these standards, the homeowner will be issued with a pool safety non-compliance certificate. In order to pass the pool safety inspection, here is a checklist.

  • Pool fencing should be a minimum of 1200mm in height.
  • Gaps at the bottom of the pool fencing cannot exceed 100mm.
  • In the event part of the pool fencing is also the perimeter fencing, the barrier must be at least 1800mm from the floor of the pool area.
  • The gap between horizontal bars must not exceed 100mm.
  • The gap between vertical bars must not exceed 100mm.
  • Gaps between horizontal bars must be at least 900mm.
  • The pool fencing must be in good condition with no defects.
  • The gate to the pool area must be of the self-closing type, with a latch that clicks to keep the gate closed at all times. The gate can never be left in the open position.
  • The latching device must be at least 1500mm from the ground, to prevent a child from opening the gate.
  • The gate must always open outwards.

The Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ)

It is essential that there are no objects around the pool fencing that could be used to climb over the barrier, specifically, there are no potential hand or foot holds within a 900mm non-climbable zone. This would include trees, shrubs, flower pots, chairs, table or indeed, any object that is within the NCZ, which would need to be removed. The NCZ should be measured in an arc from the top of the pool fencing, which ensures safety compliance, and when you think your pool fencing complies, and by checking the swimming pool compliance checklist in Sydney, you can be certain your pool will comply.

Glass Pool Fencing

The majority of Australian homeowners choose glass for their pool fencing, as it is easy to keep clean and gives you the ability to see inside the pool area at all times. Once you make contact with a glass pool fencing company, they would be happy to send a technician to your home, where you can discuss barrier design and other safety aspects.

In the event the pool safety inspector finds any issues, he or she will come to an agreement with you regarding making the necessary changes within a period of 20 days. Once the amendments have been made, the inspector will re-evaluate the pool for safety compliance.