The Legitimacy Of Sports Betting


Normally, betting is illegal in most of India. There are two modes of betting – offline and online. In India, both modes are illegal. But in foreign countries, onlinebettingislegalexceptIndia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Offline- Offline betting is fully illegal in India. If a person is caught, he has to pay two hundred thousand and imprisonment for three months.

Online- If the question asked ” is a sport betting legal or not ” then the answer is this conduct that betting in online mode is legal because an Indian resident decides to place a bet on a website hosted outside the countries would be difficult to hold him. This is why India is not a specific internet gambling law. There is no specific law in India that bans an individual customer from placing an online bet with or bookmark outside India.

  • Impact of sport betting- As an answer to the question” is sport betting legal or not” is formed, talking about impacts mainly in youth. They are less attached to do the job, and this sports betting becomes their habit. Through this, more outflow of India’s money to a foreign country. They also do affect the GDP of the country.
  • Basic- Those who bet for certain matches like Twenty20, World cup. They bet for winning only. Play for entertainment.
  • Golden Mind -There are types of Bettors who want to enjoy the game while making little money; they have some prediction, do know the game, control over their greed, know when to bet or how much to bet falls under this category. Always take a low risk and get a good amount of benefit. That is why they are called Golden mid.
  • Savage/upmost –They are very passionate about betting; their bet is always in high pitch outcome following that high win or a huge loss. They bet on various possibilities and a higher amount.
  • Special Case: –Well, there is a unique and best way to “Win in betting by not betting” is just being a Bookie. The bookies are always in profit terms. No one has the idea of how much money is involved in betting; bookies don’t put data on any centrally accessed database. They mostly take bets over the phone and note it down, so the bookie job is kind of less risky and more profitable. As there is a minimum limit of 1000, a bookie can accept but no upper limit.

Cricket betting is illegal or legal: -Well betting is gambling for sure it’s illegal in India, but it’s legal in some countries. In India, some bettors out there make foreign ids and bet in India, and many online platforms are available. People think online betting is legal as there is no written law about it. All money transactions take place online through card and wallet. Betting takes place through phone calls, so no much outer World exposes to it. But there should be some restrictions that cause people to get passionate about it and lose a high amount of money to get traumatized when they lose it or lead them to do criminal activities. So it’s best to stay away from gambling.

Government imposes a 2020 tax on the profit earned through sports betting. Recently Paytm app has been removed from google play store because of violence of policy on sport betting activities. Government establishes a regulator for regulating the activities of sports betting, yet these problems exist in India.  Learn more about it on