Top Reasons That Make Living in New Rochelle, NY an Attractive Opportunity


With a marginal increase of 0.7% job growth in the last 1 year and future predicted growth of 25.6%, the city of New Rochelle brings plenty of opportunities for families to relocate here. Married couples and families own the majority of the households in this city. The health, retail, finance, management, and insurance sectors provide the highest paying jobs in this city.

The median income for the household in New Rochelle, NY annually is higher than the rest of the USA and has seen a growth of 5.6% annually since 2016. This criterion makes the prospect of living in the city very attractive.

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New Rochelle, NY – Reasons to move here

1.   Higher annual household income:

  • The average growth of household income is really good compared to the other cities in the United States with the current median income being $88,131 as per US census report 2019.
  • This makes the families of the city very affluent.

2.   Less commute time:

  • The overall commute time for everyday work is about 33 minutes within the city.
  • This is less than the commute time that you will spend on average in NYC.

3.   Good educational institutions:

  • The public school district in New Rochelle comprises 7 elementary, 2 middle, and 1 high school.
  • There are more female students in the city than males with an approximate 2:1 ratio.
  • The 2 main colleges awarding degrees in New Rochelle are Iona College and The College of New Rochelle.

4.   Family vibes:

  • Families with an average of 3-4 members per family own 65% of households in the city.
  • You will find dual-income families in the city with both working parents in about 56% of households.
  • If you are wondering whether your wife will be able to settle down here as a stay-at-home mother, then yes, about 23% of such households have a stay-at-home parent.

5.   Easy availability of Metro to commute to NYC for work:

  • Commuting to NYC via Metro North Train takes only 40 minutes.
  • You can easily park your car in the station’s parking lot, catch your train to NYC for work, and return in the evening to take your car back home every day.

While 56% of the city’s population is comprised of whites, you will also find Asians, African Americans, and Hispanic populations comprising the total population of the city and making it diverse.

Privately owned vehicles are common in every household in the city with an average of 2 cars per family. This is why buying a new car after shifting here or getting your car shipped to the city is the best choice and mode of travel for everyday commute in New Rochelle, NY.