What is the procedure to study MBA abroad?


Studying MBA abroad has become quite popular; it is a great way of creating an international network for yourself as well as diversify your professional experience. In the US, an MBA is the most popular master’s course. After researching the various universities, comparing tuition costs as well as the probability of a successful application, start your application process.


The application process into universities abroad takes time, once you have identified that you want to study MBA abroad give yourself time at least six months to carry out your research as well as apply to the University of your Choice.

Collect all the requirements

MBA applications are evaluated by a committee, the MBA admission committee where they decide whether you are eligible to study MBA abroad. Here are some of the things they look for to determine eligibility

Academic documents

The very first academic requirement is for you to have completed a bachelor’s degree; the discipline of your bachelor’s degree does not matter. A PhD degree is also acceptable. A full-time degree is preferred to a distant degree, but this is dependent on the different universities. You will thus be required to provide your academic transcripts as proof of your bachelor’s degree.

Work experience

The other requirement for you to be considered eligible for an MBA abroad is work experience. This is to say that you are required to have some working experience; the experience should not be only in the technical field but should also feature managerial skills such as coordination and planning.

GMAT exam

A Graduate Managerial Admission test is also a requirement when applying for MBA abroad GMAT is an English and Mathematics test which business schools use to determine eligibility for admissions.


Test for English as a foreign language (TOEFL), this test is necessary when English is not the medium of education during graduation.

The Application Procedure

Once you have collected all the requirements, you can then go ahead and start the application process. The application process is not just filling in a couple of forms. The MBA application process is intricate and requires quite a lot of preparation before you can start filling in the forms they are thought to be more time consuming than a job application. You will be required to fill in a general information section; this is considered the easiest section of the application process where you fill in your name, biodata and such kind of information. The next is the MBA essays where you will be required to write an essay with open-ended questions regarding your career so far and your future goals. The next thing required is the recommendations; the committee wants to hear what those you work with think about you. This can be tricky since different business schools have different formats recommended; thus, you need a recommendation letter for every application you make.

The Interview

 Finally, we have the MBA interview. The MBA interview is the final difficulty before you can get accepted into the program; however, the interview is by invitation only based on the information the committee already gathered about you in the application process. The interview is the final chance you have to prove that you should be admitted to the MBA program.

Entrance exam for MBA abroad

There are two types of entrance exam that are related to MBA abroad programs, the business management aptitude exams aim at testing your business management aptitude. There are two primary exams the GMAT and GRE. The other kind of entrance exams for MBA abroad entrance is language proficiency exams designed to determine your comfort level with the English language. English proficiency is of great importance since it is the language used in business school as well as in the business world internationally.