You must check out where you stand


It is very easy to check time and again that where you actually stand in order to move ahead within the game because the navigational system is extremely strong and would never let you be concerned about it. You can always view your performance.

Pausing and unpausing has now become extremely easy

So, boosteria offers your nice and smooth navigations through which you can easily go place to place. Apart from that, you are allowed to pause and unpause the way you like. If you want to pause, you can pause at any time you wish to. If you want to unpause, that also you can do at any moment. So, in this way, there is no restriction of pausing and unpausing.

There are a few things that you must keep in mind regarding pausing and unpausing

But, one very important thing has to be in your mind always. If you pause the boost and now you want to unpause it, you would get connected with a new booster. A new booster would always help you out, no matter what happens.

But, in case you are not satisfied and are not willing to test out some new booster, you can always choose the option of staying with the old booster. However, the old booster is not here to only serve you.

Thus, they might get busy with someone else and they might be offering their services to someone else. So, in this way, you would have to wait wit patience till the time your booster has finished his/her commitments.

Within any commitment, your old booster cannot come to you. So, in this way, you just have to wait for them. Otherwise you always have got the option to go with some other booster.